Materiall seeks to transform wasted materials from large and small companies into design projects that empower designers and artists for limited edition production projects that empower diverse visions.

Through a global network, we collaborate and connect with designers, artists, and artisans, to generate products speaking to a new generation that respects design, culture, and the environment.

Useful Design

Started by an American artist and a Danish designer, MATERIALL reuses materials sourced from hot air balloons, jewelry boxes, and even abandoned Italian sheep fur, to form a unique line of lifestyle products for progressive people. From quirky jumping ropes, dope tote bags, to self-encapsulating umbrellas...
The MATERIALL story started in Brooklyn as a project to turn waste leather into tote bags for friends and family. It grew into the idea of a Brooklyn/Paris based craft company and design platform on a mission to transform all kinds of deadstock material into locally produced quality designs.

 “We wanted to convey the spirit of our lives in Brooklyn and Paris but at the same time focus on products that you utilise every day. And we wanted it to be made well, putting a lot of thought into the materials we consume" —MATERIALL

The line targets a sophisticated user but the products are for the daily life of any urban person, artist, or creative. A person that grabs a tote for the shop, takes an umbrella when it rains, or lights a nice candle while working at the studio — and just want to look and feel good about the products around them in the process. It's about reclaiming who you are and what you stand for.

Style & Quality

MATERIALL has a clear social and environmental vision for the line but the first principles are objects of quality and beauty. 

 “Designs have to be built to last, meaning they are excellent and not season based. They have to be bold and beautiful, which seems like a fairly obvious requirement. And they have to be “born again” to some extent, meaning we use mostly reclaimed materials."


MATERIALL is inspired by art and by life in Brooklyn and Paris. Like the Clifford Still inspiration, which is about showing the layers in a material and the idea that what we see might be abstract but there is always something behind.



There is a Good story behind all our materials, we source from everywhere looking for quality that has been forgotten.

Automotive x leather

Our first material arrived by serendipity and was literally the catalyst for the company. Durable, consistent, and resistant leather for the long haul.

Hot air balloon x ripstop nylon

Somewhere in south-west Sweden, not far from Malmö, lives a hot air balloon captain named Henrik. He's so concerned about the safety of his balloons that he regularly changes their panels of ripstop nylon and gives the old ones to us. A very nice man.

Burned sheep fur x wool

On the Italian side of the French/Italian border, high in the mountains, things are not like they used to be. Fur from the near-mythical Sambocano sheep is no longer being used to make wool, instead it's being burned. We say, fur should not be burned like that!

Jewelry box x lamb skin

When Chanel, Cartier, and others make jewelry boxes, they use a really nice lamb skin material. And all boxes should match in color. Sometimes the colors don't match — and then we use the off-colors to make great products.

The street x wood

Reclaimed wood is useful for many purposes, even the wood found on the street. This is a great resource for MATERIALL.

Process and Principles

We follow three main steps.
  1. Source materials.
  2. Collaborate and design.
  3. Transform the material.
“We wanted MATERIALL to be a platform for people in design. A place to make good things built to last. Inspired by art and life." —MATERIALL

How we produce

MATERIALL products are mainly produced in Brooklyn, New York, but we also produce in France and Italy. The social element of production is important to us.

We have two main lines — Editions and Essentials. Editions are playful and conceptual objects made in limited edition in Brooklyn with our collaborators. Essentials have a more utilitarian view and are mostly made in Paris.

#reclaim #passion #lovetrash

MATERIALL is a company focused on reuse but we didn’t want to be constrained by notions of what sustainable design is supposed to be or look like. The way we see it, we’re creating something completely new. A holistic vision of how reuse can be integrated into great design, how we can help change the industry by giving others access to our materials. What we want is much bigger than products, we want a transformation of how the industry works.

MATERIALL, llc, was founded by Jared Deery and Mikkel Hansen in Brooklyn, NY.

Jared is an artist, he lives and works in Brooklyn. He graduated from Pratt Institute and Hunter, both in New York. When Jared is not busy with MATERIALL, he paints and make sculptures at

Mikkel is an innovation advisor and entrepreneur, who lives and works in Paris. He graduated from Central Saint Martins, London, and HEC Paris (MBA), and is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts. When Mikkel isn't busy with MATERIALL, he writes for magazines and consults for clients in fashion and media at
Paola Gallio is our project manager.

Gozde Ozcan and Jovana Pavlovic are our community consultants, both came to MATERIALL from the MA Sustainable Development program at HEC Paris.

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